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Claira Matheson is a photographer and artist based on the west coast of Cornwall. With no formal training in photography she discovered her love and passion for the medium at the age of 12, when she was given her first film camera - an old Pentax, which she still uses today.

Through her previous career as a professional makeup artist, Claira has been immersed in the world of photography and film, which aided her artistic journey and her love of the craft.


In the last few years she developed and honed her practice in analogue and digital photography, sometimes merging the two for creative effect. The natural world and the Cornish landscape are a big influence on her work - drawing on the mystical and wild nature of West Penwith.  

Claira uses 35mm, experimenting with double exposures, using the format of film to create ethereal, haunting and dream-like images.  The intention to make the work appear like paintings - acting as a possible antidote to the transient digital world we inhabit. 

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